2024 Joint Stockmen's Convention AIM Internship

NMCGA is working with Allied Industry Partners on this program that will offer businesses the opportunity to bring new ideas and energy into the workplace, discover talent, and potentially build a pipeline for future full-time employees.  There are over 15 different agriculture related sectors represented in the trade show.  “We hope this program will continue to give students a useful experience and connect them with future employers,” stated Corn.

Applications open soon
For further information, please contact the NMCGA office at (505) 247-0584.

 2024 Mid-Year Meeting AIM Interns

Meet the 2024 AIM Interns that were an integral part of the 2024 Mid-Year Meeting!
(L-R) Callie Bennett, Marley Jordan, Kyleigh King

2023 Joint Stockmen's Convention AIM Interns

Meet the 2023 AIM Interns that were an integral part of the 2023 Joint Stockmen's Convention!
(L-R) Mercedes Hazen, Avery Feldman, Rayleigh Carter.